Antalya Yavuz Özcan parkı Alaeddin Keykubat Heykeli
Sultan Aladdin Keykubat monument in a park in Antalya
The old port of Antalya.
The old port of Antalya.

Tour of Belek in Antalya It is not cheap, so on the second day of our stay on vacation in Belek it was decided to go on a journey into the self Antalya. All the more so on the beach, we have had nothing to do, the first day after 2 Spent hours on the beach, we completely burned and turned red, like crabs. Near our hotel on the road “Kadrie – Belek” quickly found the bus stop. And taxis did not have to wait long, as well as the stop is near the end, the people were few. With the convenience and comfort of air conditioning for minutes at 25 we quickly got to Antalya. All this is at odds with the words of our hotel guide about the crowded stuffy bus, who have to wait for an hour. On the way to Antalya, I assiduously turned his head in all directions with the hope to find a sign along the road, a pointer to the national reserve, However, unfortunately, nothing has been found.

Alaeddin Keykubat Statue Staga Antalya Park
Sultan Aladdin Keykubat monument in a park in Antalya

Taxi took us to the bus station is not, and on some obscure street. At first, we thought, that we are somewhere near the bus station, and do not make much effort to get out to the main street and found the old town. With us was a map, printed from the Internet. Near the landing of the minibus we found a small area with a crossroads. But the question: the name of the area, streets, where are we? Plates indicating the street, we did not find. A little confused, We went on some random street, held meters 100 hesitated. We meet on the street was some Turk, with a question: “Excuse me, what`s street?”, we gave her the card in hand. She showed us a map of the street, where we were and the area: “May”. Then, already in the return path, we realized, that the inscription on the bus “Antalya Square”, just refers to the final stop - Square Meydan.

It is a mistake to understand the direction, in which we had to move, we boldly stamped on the main

мини-парк в Анталье
In Antalya, a great number of green mini-parks.

street. Thank God, We stopped in time ... On the street sat a few Turks, that something sold. They stopped us and greet, we asked how the country. I have soaped “make feet”, because my memory is not blotted out persistent and very Addictive Arabs from Egypt and the Turks from Istanbul, which can not wait, anything you shove four road. But mindful of the fact, that the eastern nations are very proud, and does not simply pass, do not smile, did not stop “otmorozyvshys”, so they do not offend. We stopped, We shook hands and prepared to politely refuse their services or goods. But, It turned, Turks we simply want to help us, see, we hesitantly we stamp with map in hand. One of the Turks knew little Russian and said, that if we want to get into the old town, we should stomp along the tram line. He offered us a ride on the tram, since, as it turned out, tram line was being repaired, and trams do not go.

Because of the Turks, we safely and quickly came to the old town, despite, that tablets with the names of all these streets, we have not found. How many were in the city – everywhere on the ground floors of all buildings - small shops, minimarkety, shops with a variety of goods, bank branches.
From the old port started our photographs, and only then we just walked along the city's main street along the coast. There are many green mini-parks, Monuments, kafeshek, souvenir shops, beautiful places. Having developed enough for Antalya, We came back the same way to Maydan our minibus.

Here we have turned self-guided tours of Belek in Antalya.