Bora-Bora It is one of the most famous resort islands in French Polynesia. It is surrounded by coral reefs, which are arranged in 30-50 meters from the coastline. The island abounds with many different luxury hotel with swimming pool and magnificent beaches, tennis courts, golf courses, diving clubs and other entertainment complexes. Bora Bora is very popular among celebrities and rich people from different countries.

On Bora Bora there are no private beaches, where you can relax like. If you want to find a secluded place, then there is the opportunity to visit one of the nearby small islands from the comfortable bungalows, built right on the water. Communication with the neighboring islands exclusively by air, working set of regular flights. Flight from Bora Bora to Tahiti will take about 35 minutes, and before all Huahine 20 minutes. Airport Bora Bora is located on the island Motu Mute.

Considering the price in local stores, it is desirable to stock up on all the necessary tourist facilities in advance. Regarding food, on the island there is a grocery store with affordable prices. But with excursions, entertainment and tourist attractions in Bora Bora complete order.

Jeep safari on the island and getting to know the sharks are the main tourist attractions in Bora Bora. A beautiful coral gardens are very popular with divers. And if you got tired of the whole day basking in the sun and swim in the ocean, you can have a picnic. The indigenous inhabitants of the island will gladly tell you about local plants and cooking traditions, and teach wearing a scarf on the beach and right to open a coconut.

For lovers of active and extreme sports in Bora Bora has a skydiving, windsurfing and diving. Also, we can not ignore existing on the island lagunariuma. It is a small natural aquarium near the coast. Like lagunariume, and the ocean is very popular diving. Divers opens truly beautiful ocean views, where you can see dolphins, Turtles, sharks and a variety of colorful fish, floating very close.

Diving is practiced all over the island of Bora Bora. Several local tourist agencies organize excursions to scuba diving. If Also on Bora Bora has the opportunity to see the wonderful marine life and stay with the dry. This is an excursion to akvaskope – submarine with a glass bottom, which is immersed in the water and gives its passengers a unique view of the amazing sea views.